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License Boilerplate



This table contains preformatted versions of the boilerplate text that goes at the top of files which are licensed under the OFPL/ LGPL/ GPL (the preferred license for Open-Firewall code) or the OFPL. Please always use these templates when adding files to the tree: they are carefully formatted so that future updates to the boilerplate will be easy to make.


The usage of the license boilerplate text is as follows:

  • All Open Firewall files should use the OFPL/LGPL/GPL tri-license unless you know of some specific reason why they should not. In the latter case, please ask in open-firewall mainteners before checking the file into the codebase.
  • Other projects and other Web tools, may be using the OFPL only. Please use the license your project is using in these cases.
  • Binary files are covered by the same license as any text files in that directory. If a certain directory has a mixture of licenses, add a file called COPYING explaining the situation.
  • Use the "Save Link As..." feature in your browser to download them.
  • All ______ fields must be filled in with appropriate text.
  • No sections of the boilerplate text may be removed or changed.
  • When changing a file, be sure to update its Contributors section as well as the years of copyright, if appropriate.

License Usage

.c, .cpp, .css, .h, .idl, .js, .java, .msg .sh, .pl, .mk, Makefile, makefile.win, MANIFEST .in .html, .xml, .xul, .rdf, .dtd .txt
OFPL/LGPL/GPL tri-license ofpl-tri-license-c ofpl-tri-license-sh ofpl-tri-license-m4 ofpl-tri-license-html ofpl-tri-license-txt
OFPL ofpl-c ofpl-sh ofpl-m4 ofpl-html ofpl-txt

by Nicolas Bélan