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History of Changes



Version 0.1.3 ()

  • add OF_RELEASE_0_1_3: Doxygen now configured through cmake. (NB)
  • add OF_RELEASE_0_1_3: Make log API (NB)
  • add add plugins repository (NB)
  • remove remove project and developer parts from www site. It is not a good place for them ... Building Docbook reference guide instead. Remove old (but nice ?) project-logo, and replace it with the one generated from batik (NB)
  • remove removed plugins from core (NB)
  • fix Upgrade to Forrest-0.6 (NB)
  • fix Fix makefiles (NB)

Version 0.1.1 (06/03/2004)

  • fix Test suite memory leaks fixed through a submit of LH

Version 0.1.0 (05/19/2004)

  • update correct MACRO OF_HANDLE_TO_IPQ
  • update fix parameters RFE
  • update change of_log_debug display plugin name
    change plugin ID
    modify plugin identifier
  • update added MAJOR_VERSION
    according to www/docs/release.xml
  • update now create .cvsignore too, and return NOT IMPL for templates
    added new error code
    rename functions
    added inet_ntoa using sockaddr struct
    fix args of plugin process functions, added struct for argument passing
    added ofc_clean_eol
    fix 0 instead of O
    plugin streams management
    added stream_data.c and SDK includes
    change name
    added misc.c
    this sample now connects to itself each time 'server' is
    entered through network connection
    stream data manegement, enable server connection
    new code description
    server stream enabled
    first page contains license
  • update fix debug log
    added null_stream, run sh buildconf
    fix typo
    fix process paramaters using a struct and an union. This is
    better, and more user friendly
    removed unused things
    added load by uuid test
    fix doxygen
    change tests because API changed
    better code generation
    change API (poor linux users ...)
    no more policy, fix names
    fix process func call parameters
    fix sp content and some status code
    handle long options now from cmd line
    start parameters not well used, and set, and I think this is a
    stupid thing ... We should never do that again ... there is
    still a pb: acquire init and stream process ... explanations on
    demand .
    null_stream sample conf
    sample for a stream oriented plugin
    process stream connection now
  • update trying linux plugins ... under dev
  • update merge freebsd modification, some accessor on paquet
    fix EXTRA_LIBS order in compilation
    created a script with indent parameters for OF, check linux-gnu
    packet.c for result
    fix compil for linux, added correct libipq handling and correct os_bridge ()
  • update need accessor because data is opaque
    dox added
    added accessor to inner ip packet
    test a config file, and tests accessors to node entries
    change of_conf_ prefix to of_config_ prefix
    change of_conf_ prefix to of_config_ prefix and added XML accessors
    fix duplicated target/dir (NB)
  • update include os bridge path for of_libs_include var, because almost
    always needed
    added null_packet
    used already existing rule
    added body for process
    implement accessors (I do not verify H/N byte order yet(but
    looks right ...)
    fix daemonize call
    added many checks for headers and func
    fix FreeBSD packet_t struct
    remove acquire for anythings that is not IPv4 (if fact, using
    raw divert socket, is there a real human reason to tell that ?
    . We should fix IPv6 divert socket (when available ...)
    remove IPv6 listen socket
    daemonize need startup parameters now
    all plugin calls returns either an apr_status_t or data, fix call
    null_packet plugin, just display inner ip packet
    flush logs to file before abort()
    no more ipv6 in config yet ...
    fix return types from int to apr_status_t (NB)
  • update xml tests
    oups, forgot some Apache strings
    packet acquisition
    new generated file
    fix decls
    skel generator
    change deps
    ignore some files
    UUID test
    only the ones who always do the right things from the first try
    will not do that
    UUID (NB)
  • update ignore tmp files
    new / changed files (NB)
  • update procss packets now
    path parsing
    not used
    change func name
    acquire more and more
    fix os_bridge
    change plugin sdk func names
    added logs
    fix definition
    keep major only
    more conf sample
    rename func
    new tests
    change structs
    improve xml file parsing
  • update cygdep
    define os_bridge for bridge dir names
    fix IPv6 fields dump
    change host_os to os_bridge
  • update -n gives policy name
    fill starup params
    new file
    new sample
    fix plugin search
    added status
    added sp dump func, add error messages
    xml parser
    add packet processing
    added required lib for freebsd (should consider changing all '
    host' in 'target'
    change handle from void * to struct
    fix call
    added -d to dup debug log to file
    status (NB)
  • update added network global initialization func
    sample xml conf files
    fix warnings and tests
    removed unused
    not portable, but ... added -Wall -Werror
    more processing
    moved desc
    fix plugin load, added functions that handle start_parameters
    added dep
    sdk now implement get_protocol for protocol plugins
    separated things
    fix warning at compile time \!
  • update how I can make proxy processing ...
    some dox
  • update of_log_strerror
    divert(4) samples for FreeBSD
    added plugin type
    retrieve plugin type
    modify icmp packet
    added -c param (not yet impl)
    check null plugin type
    OF_STATUS definition and of_plugin_type_t
    added plugin type as third arg
    of_conf_set_file and first draft of xml config file
    added log test
    of_log_strerror func return a human readable string for errno
    and apr_status and of error values
    added log test suite (NB)
  • update fix dependencies to OFCS
    compiling on linux (now required pool to log)
  • update fix include path and remove (perhaps ?) unused file
    inverted pool args
    change some type (portable), fix decl
    move global context into ofcs, fix printf and return codes
    added ofcs lib
    inverted apu/apr detection (because i need to invert link properties)
    comment unused yet var
    fix declaration, use APR_EOL_STR instead of \n, and use more pools
    because I do not want to make an acquire.c and a packet.c in FreeBSD or cygwin, SRCS is built at compile time
    fix comments in header
    fix return codes
    fix log call
    added dep for ofcs
    change @host_os@ (the host on which we compile)
    to @target_os@ (the host for which we compile)
    fix eol
    fix decl
    fix year
    lib open firewall core services (see readme)
    fix pool
    fix loop in make (had a space at the end of network), prevent the same error twice, added include dir in builddir too (
    because of network_os.h
    change \n with APR_EOL_STR, fix cygwin dep
    added plugin, and ofcs
    change return codes
    declare non std func, remove OF_STD_RET, add our own status based upon APR
    fix makefile (bad deps, missing includes)
    fix pool usage
  • update first set of implemented functions for lib network, with acquisition, and packet handling (accessors, checksum calculation), must be reviewed and validated
    change configure.in to make it run on linux (.h generated files and to include lib network
    add lib network
    some file to prepare network tests
    oups, sorry, reverting to plugin test without C++
  • update first revision of acquire packet layer, include file fully defined, some linux specific include, "bouchone" acquire.c code *warning* this code needs some correct Makefile ! ()
  • update many changes in C++ (very very experimental), some fix in C ( parameters are not very suitable for our needs \!) change return type
    fix alloc and size
    read is now called 'process', because there is no more write
    now plugin loads in C only
    added sdk subdir
    in debug mode, paths are given in path.h, not in conf (for the moment)
    fix target builddir name
    no more numeric code
    added default paths
    added minor func decl
    in tests, use a global test pool context
    plugin dir no more hardcoded
    one more
    if DO_SH=1 when calling MAKE, dump sh file for preprocess .c(pp file, usefull for heavy macros debugging, and add xall target
    which call clean all samples check targets
    no more numeric return code
    fix C plugin load and search path (NB)
  • update add a second example, with packet modification... it works well this program make some dummy packet rediction ! ()
  • update fix file name
    added paths.in into include folder
    makefiles in sdk
    new file
    fi x PIC (NB)
  • update ignore .#* files
    added test mem pool
    define APR_POOL_DEBUG in debug mode define OF_DECLARE for some exported functions (empty on unices)
    core_proxy need lib plugin
    first draft of a sdk (not tested under unix)
    declare exportable as OF_DECLARE
    fix dependencies for .cpp files
    added plugin makefiles added plugin sample makefile
    ignore tmp files
    added docs
    added tmp file
    tmp fix for of_get_conf_plugin_dir
    ignore tmp file
    declare exportable with OF_DECLARE
    fix test with OF_DECLARE, and added plugin_test
    plugin API (pre alpha)
    fix test with OF_DECLARE
    do not check for open tty in debug mode
  • update Laurent was right, debug mode and test prog are totally independant added (or re-put) LD_LIBRARY_PATH for tests
  • update add tests directory, README usage, libipq for linux proof of
    concept program
  • update added BAK (indent backup) files
    fix clean lib place
  • update quiet mode
  • update generated from libtool
    fix compilation for Unix/cygwin . static/shared generation fixed too, detailled or quiet mode now enabled
    change rm to
    remove OFPL symbol, cause a sigfault when linking with shared libs
    verbose testing on demand
    cygdep added, fix shared/static lib deps
    completely change order of decls ... more human readable
    added .orig (patch original files)
    change dep for cygwin
    added libtool.m4 (generated from libtool)
    use LIBTOOLVERSION from the one used in aclocal binary
  • update fix detailled/quiet mode ...
    remove dependencies (cygwin only, and not working ... so ...) do not compile so libs when --disable-shared set
  • update -llog required
    fix clean target(s) fix cygwin compil testing
    test sdk
    change dep orders
    libs required
    include config.h
    change cutest.h path
    moved into sdk
    added cdefs.h for BEGIN_DECLS
    added LDADD change build dir name
    fix not set rpath
  • update added include of stdded.h
    check empty PROG variable in target all, remove check of
    DEBUG_MODE: now done in configure...
    added check for stddef.h (Linux) and define HAVE_CONFIG_H=1 on cppflags
    fix rpath option for linux gcc. Added specific rpath for debug mode
  • update on linux plateform, you can put config.h in AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
    and AC_OUTPUT ()
  • update enable-deep-dependencies: when set, makefile will check for all libs in DPADD before linking binary. by default, not set
  • update fix dependencies
  • update fix control channels
    better include directives remove .PHONY target, moved to of.rules.mk.in
    remove unused lines
    OF_STD_RET(X) return 0 if (X) is true, 1 otherwise
    unit testing
    fix user channels
    remove unused
    now, bin and libs are built into OBJDIR, and clean targets are
    now working correctly. Still missing dependencies remake
  • update added option to specify libdb*.so path when linking (NB)
  • update even more makefiles ...
    new test files
    fix compile for unit testing
    moved to test_channel.c
  • update fix some errors in master daemon (minor things)
    add into configure: --with-libtool avoid using libtool to link the library (Default: "no")
    --with-efence[=DIR] path to Electric Fence installation
    --with-apr=DIR path to Apache Portable Runtime config (default to "/usr/local /lib/apache2")
    --with-apu=DIR path to Apache Portable Runtime config (default to "/usr/local /lib/apache2")

    WARNING: libtool not done yet !! so avoid a 'configure --with-libtool'
  • update tsort does not have -q on linux .... is it "quiet" option ? should put 2> /dev/null so ...
    required on linux... first a blank file
    oops fix silly comment bug
    linux do need some standard includes
    add useful __P definition on linux plateform
    same problem, same ...
  • update added a comment about build dir configuration...
    update builconf to remove apr reference... needed ?
  • update missing makefile
    ignore auto files
    Fix configure generation
    Toplevel Makefile
    something bad happened, I have lost the APR tests I have done .
    . do it does not compile any more ... sh@@t (NB)
  • update basic files (NB)